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MIRATECH is the expert in providing fully integrated, proven exhaust compliance solutions for anyone using industrial engines in a Power Generation, Gas Compression and Mechanical Drives.

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  1. Gas Compression
  2. Power Generation
  3. Rail
  4. NESHAP Regulations
  5. Industrial
  6. Air Compression
  7. Liquids Pumping
  8. Bio-Gas
  9. Greenhouse CO2 Enrichment
  10. Industrial Marine

Engine Type

  1. Bi-Fuel Diesel and Natural Gas
  2. Diesel
  3. Natural Gas Lean Burn
  4. Natural Gas Rich Burn

Noise Control

  1. Yes
  2. No

Engine Size

  1. 20 to 200 hp
  2. 200 to 1350 hp
  3. 1350 to 10,000 hp
  4. 10,000 hp and above

Regulated Pollutants

  1. NOx
  2. NO2
  3. CO
  5. HAP's
  6. Particulate Matter (PM)

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SCR Control Systems for Larger Engines

ACIS-3 (Open-Loop or Closed-Loop Control with NOx Monitoring)

The ACIS-3 Lite Open Loop Control system utilizes engine load and exhaust temperature to determine the required urea flow rate to satisfy the NOx limit. It continuously monitors urea injection rate and compares to the desired rate and adjusts accordingly. The ACIS-3 is now also available as a Closed-Loop system with NOx monitoring capability.

Operator interface is via a powerful yet simple HMI with graphical representation of the entire emission system. An operator can see at a glance critical operating information such as temperatures, injection rate, exhaust pressure, etc.


ACIS-II (Closed-Loop Control)

The ACIS-II Closed-Loop Control system has an on-board measurement of post-SCR NOx values, which it then uses to adjust urea injection to constantly achieve a specific NOx target. NOx targets of 5 ppm or lower, with concurrent low ammonia slip, can be maintained with the ACIS-II control system.

Like the ACIS-3, the ACIS-II has a powerful HMI which makes monitoring and setting up the system simple.

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